About Us

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Finding and tasting the perfect cup of coffee is a hobby for some and the passion for others. The world is full of interesting recipes, and our goal is to try them all out. Welcome to the place where coffee-lovers share their experiences.

My name is Richard and I have a coffee lover since I was 18 years olf. I always liked the taste of coffee and as I grew older I learned about many different recipes and types of this wonderful drink. At 25, I was on a holiday break in Nicaragua and that’s where I tasted the best cup of coffee ever. After talking to the locals I realized that the secret is in the beans.

Years have passed and my passion and love for coffee was only growing stronger, so I made it my mission to open up a coffee shop in my home town. It was not the first coffee shop here but it had dozens of recipes I gathered during my trips around the world.

It started slow but people quickly realized that the coffee in my shop a completely different aroma and the taste is much richer. The shop opened in 1998 and it has been going strong ever since. So, if you are the type of person that sees coffee as something more than just a drink, I think that you should definitely pay us a visit and try some recipes from far and wide. Who knows, we may be even pay you for your unique recipe if we like it.